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Rolling a Hemp Joint for Beginners

Rolling a Hemp Joint: Your Complete Guide


Joint, doobie, spliff… it’s been called many names over the years, but we prefer to simply call it a joint and in this guide, we’ll show you how to roll one with top-shelf CBD hemp flower.

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The joint has long-been the iconic method to take in marijuana. Now that hemp is all mainstream and available, cannabis lovers and overall newbies alike are rolling it up, smoking it up, and delighting in the high-CBD hemp experience and a diverse world of hemp flower flavors.

If you’re setting out on the well-blazed path of hemp-smoking, you’ll absolutely like to know how to roll a joint with hemp flower. Opinions about joint-rolling are not tough to discover– every frequent toker has their choices on methodology and form. In this post, we’ll offer a fast detailed guide on how to roll a joint with hemp flower.

How much flower should you put in your joint?

As a newbie, sticking to about a 1/2 gram of hemp is best. The standard 1-1/4 rolling paper size is an excellent beginning point. The combination of a 1/2 gram and this rolling paper size offers you a smaller sized joint that can be much easier to roll and handle while you roll.

Common hemp pre-rolls have a complete gram of flower in a king-size rolling paper. As soon as you have actually got rolling down to a science, you can easily level-up to bigger joints with a complete gram of hemp.

Rolling a Joint with Hemp: A Step by Step Guide

If you typically depend on hemp pre-rolls, discovering how to roll a joint might appear daunting. However, truly, it’s not too tough even with no experience. We have actually broken the process down into easy-to-follow actions, and we’re positive you’ll be rolling like a pro in no time.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you’re going to need to get started:

  • Hemp flower
  • A Grinder
  • A Crutch (optional)
  • Rolling papers
  • A pencil, pen, little stick, or similar challenge utilize as a tamper.

1. Grind the CBD hemp flower

To get a great even burn, you’ll require to break down the hemp flower into a finer product (generally called shake) with a more consistent consistency. A well-cured hemp flower is going to be dry enough that you can create a shake with your fingers and perhaps a small pair of scissors. A grinder makes the process a lot much easier and yields consistency. Plus, a quality grinder prevents your hands from getting sticky, which can be a discomfort when you touch the joint paper.

2. Develop a filter (optional)

If you choose a straight joint without a crutch, you can skip to step 3. A crutch does have advantages; you will not lose hemp from the one end as you roll or as you smoke, you get some added stability to hold the joint’s shape, and you can smoke all of the flower without burning your lips attempting.

Filters can be made out of thin cardboard like a service card. Simply cut the product to the preferred length, make a couple of accordion-like folds on one end, and after that roll the product to develop a cylindrically shaped tube of sorts.

3. Fill the Paper with Flower

Hold the paper with one hand so that it has a slight dip down the center, and start filling your joint with your shake. If you made a crutch, position it on one end. As noted earlier, most joints are going to hold about a 1/2 gram or gram of hemp. Once you’ve got what appears to be a good amount, work the joint with your fingers to provide it an excellent, easy-to-roll kind.

Pro Tip: Joint papers come in various forms– flavored, natural, and conventional. Hemp rolling papers are popular due to the fact that they’re strong, thin, and produce an even burn. Plus, pairing hemp-based paper with hemp flower suggests you get full hemp taste.

4. Compress the Contents

With sufficient hemp now in place, pinch the paper together and sort-of roll it between your fingers. You’re not rolling to seal just yet; the goal here is to get the hemp down into a compressed, practically cone-shaped shape down the center of the paper.

5. Roll it Up

Now’s the biggest obstacle in finding out how to roll a joint. You can totally damage your development so far with incorrect relocation, excessive saliva, or a slip of the hand.

  • Tuck the edge of the rolling paper without glue over the line of hemp in the center
  • Roll the staying paper into the desired shape
  • Lick the glued edge when you get to completion, just somewhat
  • Tack down the glued edge with simply a little finger pressure

6. Final Touches

The huge finish is to do a fast pack on completion of the joint. Grab a pen, a small stick, or whatever you have within reach, and use it to gently pack the flower in the open end of the joint by tamping it somewhat. If you’re lighting up right away, you’re great to go. If you’ll be lighting up later, close up the suggestion by twisting the paper in between your fingers.

7. Light Up and Enjoy

There you have it. Any luck, you’ll fire it up, get a great even burn, and enjoy your hemp joint to the maximum.

When you’ve got the essentials down, you can try your hand at all sorts of other joint-rolling methods. You may wish to roll a fatty by learning how to roll a blunt, for example. Or, possibly you desire a thin pinner for a quick smoke. Dutch tulips, cross-joints, L-joints– seriously, joint-rolling is a full-scale art, and it can be fun to experiment with.

There you have it, a simple guide on how to roll a joint with hemp flower! If you have any questions or any tips you’d like to share, please feel free to drop a comment below and be sure to explore our blog for more fun guides and articles!

Thanks and take care!

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